The Vaccine conspiracy - (problem, reaction, solution) this was all planned

Everybody needs to wake up fast to what’s happening, before it’s too late.

Let me see if I understand this correctly...

The SARS coronavirus of 2003 is an infection for which, over the past 17 years, no vaccine could be made. It was not possible, and the attempts were deadly when they tried.

In the history of medical science, no vaccine has ever been able to be made for any coronaviruses. Not ever. There is not a single one in existence.

However, somehow, in 4 months, Oxford University in the United Kingdom, with $750,000,000 of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s money, has developed a vaccine, completed the first phase clinical trial, and now as they move to human trials, the human trial on 2000 human people is going to be conducted in Brazil, outside of the oversight of North American Our British Health regulators?

And better yet, it is already being produced by AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company with a criminal rap sheet that includes:

2003, pled guilty to illegal marketing of their prostate cancer drug and paid a $64,000,000 criminal fine, a $266,000,000 civil lawsuit for false claims, and a $25,000,000 fine for Medicaid fraud.

2004, AstraZeneca was sued in California and Massachusetts for false advertising, for claiming one of their own drugs that was going out of patent was not as good as their new drug even though it appears to be the same thing. And believe it or not, those cases are still before the courts. They have drug it out for 16 years.

2004, AstraZeneca received a warning letter from the FDA for lying in their advertisements about FDA endorsement.

In 2010, AstraZeneca was fined $520,000,000 because it is a legally marketed one of its antipsychotic drugs for nonapproved uses and committed Medicaid fraud to the tune of $218,000,000

In 2002, AstraZeneca was forced to put more warning labels on their lung cancer drug after several patients died of pneumonia because of their drugs.

In 2003, the University of Illinois studied their schizophrenia drug and found undeclared risks of developing diabetes as a result of taking the drugs, which ultimately led to a $198,000,000 settlement.

In 2004, AstraZeneca faced criticism by public watchdog groups about the severe side effects of their Crestor drug compared to other cholesterol drugs, and in 2005, Tufts University completed a clinical study identifying the accuracy of the claims by the watchdog groups. This is still ongoing, 16 years later.

In 2001, AstraZeneca had to pay another pharmaceutical $21,000,000, for knowingly and intentionally trying to keep a competitive drug generic drug off the market.

In 2003, AstraZeneca was fined €60,000,000 by the European Commission for misusing patent rules and lying on patents to protect its drugs from generic competitors.

In 2007, AstraZeneca had to pay a $12.9 million criminal judgment for unfairly and deceptively overcharging Medicaid and insurance companies for a prostate cancer drug.

In 2010, AstraZeneca paid $103,000,000 to settle a federal lawsuit for Medicaid fraud for asthma medications.

In 2009, AstraZeneca had to pay $2.6 million for Medicaid fraud.

Yeah, they sound trustworthy :-) 10 criminal prosecutions in the last 19 years. But I am sure they will be honest about the vaccine. :-)


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